Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Some thoughts about Dustin :D

Final project presentation is interesting, all the teams have very interesting stuff :D but of course like always, they will receive confusing reviews , some like their stuff, some don't so...

Just as I was about to blog abt the projects, I saw this year's blizcon video popping on my youtube homepage, so i decide to take a look :D Anyway it turns out to be very interesting and there are actually some really good learning points.

Dustin is the game balance designer of Starcraft 2, and Starcraft 2 has been somewhat controversial coz terran race is said to be way overpowered. And Dustin has been under a lot of pressure and doubts. Many ppl say stuff like all he can do is designing red alert3 and things (which in gamer circle is regarded as a moron game :D ). In that video, Dustin introduced new units coming up in Starcraft2's new expansion and some new balancing factors added to the game.

There is a QnA session after the presentation, whenever some question on why terran is designed to be so overpowered, the crowd reacts like " hell yea" and Dustin stood there, was just so confident and answering all the questions like a bosh :D

I kinda admire this guy :D even though that i am among those who thinks Starcraft2's balancing has so much problem. Its the way he handles disagreements. He has so much confidence in what he has been doing, and it kinda make those who doubts him start thinking "well, am i the one that is wrong?" such a boss right?

From assignment1 and 2 reviews, we should have already known that, it is impossible to please everyone, some might think your ideas is ok, some thinks they are shit, but it is important, i think, for people to take in some pride in what they do. Have some faith in what they are doing. After all, if even yourself do not believe your idea is gold, how do you convince others.

Take in others opinions, but do not get easily swayed by them. And yea.... the course is like towards the end :D so i wish all my coursemates good luck :D and .... wish you all become bosses like Dustin.

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