Monday, October 24, 2011

Youtube haters pawned :D

Belated blog post :D

Anyway, last Monday's topic is rather interesting about facebook privacy. How do people manage to have privacy in this world of lots of social networks and things :D

It is rather interesting to observe that nowadays some of us choose to live a very very exposed life. You see people taking photos of them going almost anywhere. Some taken with phone cam, some with professional cams (though i never seem to understand why bother the trouble to hang out with a camera :<) , even photos of them clubbing :D kk .... hmmm

The topic kinda reminds me of a very interesting video i watched recently. Just some thoughts on how much information you can get from people's youtube account.

There is this australian chef channel, this guy teach people how to cook simple but delicious stuff. In one of his videos, he has like 5 pictures of topless men sticked onto his fridge. And a guy commented below saying that his two kids watched this video while looking for father's day recipe. And those photos on fridge offended him so much when the kids saw them :< He ordered the owner to take down this video or he will take legal action against him.

Well.... few days later the owner of the channel posted a video about his findings.... It seems that this hater has been following channels that features topless male models or gay male showing off their body and things... and what gets better is that he actually posted to one of the videos " wanna hook up? " And that is just so hilarious....

Throw away the fun part :< thing about this, what can we get about this guy from his youtube activities? he is a father of 2 boys , he is married but he is gay which may probably make him bicurious. That is like so much information about him.

Back to the topic, thinking about security and privacy, system security can be achieved through better coding , however, there is no kind of coding in the world that can guarantee protection of people's privacy. It comes down to the point that people need to know how to use social media to their benefits , how to behave responsibly, how to enjoy the most of it without worrying exposing their privacy and .....

Looking at the situation now, the technology is so mature, but people simply are not. And that is the reason why you see online games now have features like parental control or even require real life identification so that kids will not be able to play so much. The net is just flooded with all kinds of freaks and.... its just so dangerous :<

hmmm i used to go to the site whereby you live chat or text chat with random people. There was one night and i met a girl :D she said you are the first guy today not showing your penis to me :< and guess what.... she then showed me her boobs .... hope that is a powerful enough conclusion here .... LOL

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