Thursday, November 10, 2011

So here it ends :D

It has almost come to an end of my CS3216 :D not gonna name this blog post "what i leant from CS3216" or stuff, thats freaking boring :D

Anyway, like i said in my PS and first blog, the reason why i took this course is becoz i think this course draws some of the best ppl around SOC ( ya... im saying SOC not NUS :D) and i wanna learn from those people and see what they are doing.

Now i look back at what i have done , i think most ppl i have worked with are inspirations. That is super awesome, (which i do not want to go into details on and on about it), long story short, i learnt so much from them and i have achieved what i want to achieve. But still not good enough :D I kinda have a feeling that things ppl do here are very constraint on sth... just a feeling without any reason... so i would really want to check out what north America is like... hopefully i can get my SEP application successful and bang! here i am Uwaterloo :D

Taking this course kinda reaffirmed my belief that university is all about meeting people. Somedays back some guy shared an article named you are the average among your best 5 friends. I kinda agree, in uni i should really meet more awesome people and try to raise my own level to theirs so i wont end up pathetic upon graduation :<

hmmm.... all in all.... i really learnt a lot from people in this course and this is like one of the very few opportunities that provides me with this kind of chance in NUS lah... So, everything is good . good good.

in the end... sorry for this blog entry being like super short :D but really for me , this course is all about learning from peers. Their resilience, attitude towards work, just so awesome :D

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