Saturday, October 15, 2011

fully recharged and ready to work :D

The past week I've been spending a lot of time on other modules to catch up with what I left :< Now Im more or less OK already and all the stuff due next week has been settled with :D So.... I can spend a butt-load of time on the new project.


Dun really have anything to blog about related to CS3216 :< but I do have something else interesting ..... I have been following a few cook shows on youtube ..... and gosh.... you have no idea how much butter cream and cheese those guys are putting in their recipes.... It remind me of this show I watched "truth or dare" or sth? hmmmmm a medic was asked if fat ppl repulse him, and he said yes, and he added those people could have done a lot to help themselves. I guess its true. Jamie Oliver also criticized how American people eat. Like school giving kids sugared milk, working parents buy fast food for kids for almost every meal and things. Its just horrible.

So it comes down to the point... though i really enjoy the look of melted cheese on those mac n cheese and things, i dun think i wanna eat them :< at least more often than once a month? LOL

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