Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wont lose my cool :D

I met Cedric in a maths calculus module last sem, he kinda told me all about how tiring CS3216 is. Like their team were doing project in Shears Hall and stayed through the whole night.

I dunno.... For me, that is hardly the stress of this module :D My group consists of 2 ESP guys, 1 chemistry guy and me.... I'm only a year 2 student, not only that, i made a terrible mistake! I really thought CS3216 is about IOS! Then i went self-studying IOS during the holidays ZZZzzz.... Now I have to pick up things from scratch. It is really really hard. I really think that, if this is an individual project, I would not care that much. But my teammates are really brilliant people, I certainly do not want to be the one that drag others down :D

That being said, I will be doing my best. No matter what the outcome might be, must have no regrets. Also must pay attention to my health stuff :D wake up early , eat a fruit then go to gym. Take a bath and go to class, followed by codecodecodecode.

That kindda reminds me of a song by Eminem " lose yourself "(who doesnt love the slim shady)

I certainly would not think awesome chance to work with great people "comes only once in my lifetime" :D still, lets lose ourselves in it.....

Get back to work !


  1. "But my teammates are really brilliant people, I certainly do not want to be the one that drag others down"

    That's really what happens in a war. Often times people are not thinking about fighting a war, but they are trying to keep their buddies alive.

    It's not too bad to learn iOS by mistake. Probably makes you smarter anyway. :-)

  2. TBH im really pissed off by facebook's documentation.... I mean imagine even its pirated Chinese version Renren has better API documentation... I did some work on that during the holidays and it did not give me all the shits facebook has been giving me zzzz

  3. That's very normal. What will be more annoying are changes made without any announcement and documentation.

    Welcome to FB programming. :-P