Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Catch no ball

Was having fever during Monday's lecture, ya... but because its Microsoft, I still went. Windows phone... hmm i dunno. Actually I dun quite like this kind of stuff, animated tile and things, make me feel uncomfortable. I would rather stick with old class phone :D I just need it to text and call. And yes i know smartphones are really convenient.... just dun like them.... I mean iphone is fine, but the flashy tile thing is just too much :D Windows phone will not be the big thing, they overdo things too much, trying too hard to be more cool than apple and android.

Anyway I still catch no ball about mobile cloud app thing.... The way i see it now is basically like a game but you can pull the high-score board from your server :D Anyway, dear groupmates will inspire me :D

Nowadays internet becomes so damn fast and brought us so many changes :D some are good, some are fking bad, like starcraft2 no longer supports local area network mode. haiz.

Anyway even though im sick, still cannot get any rest for the 3 days , coz need to code like crazy for the facebook app .... after that is seminar after that is assignment 2 , mid term, final project.... I mean com'on , assignment 1 due 1st September, assignment 2 start at 29th August... can i catch a fucking break?

Im definitely going to hang at some island nearby during the Sept holidays, no one can stop me. Done with the complains, get back to work.

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