Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Price tag

Here I am sitting in com lab doing random stuff waiting for project meeting. The past 6 days are like HELL, I have at least coded like 60 hours in total trying to figure out php js stuff. Its only yesterday I suddenly had an epiphany and YAY! start to figure things out :D

Anyway I have been thinking about Monday's lecture. I realize a lot of people are talking about stuff like making money these days. OK, maybe I misunderstood. But things like NOC, people only talk about working in start-ups, high-techs overseas, not much were said about having fun. Say for exp, if I were to go to Israel, I would certainly care less about who I will be working with. I will definitely be more interested in their attitude towards their religion , what normal people think of Palestinian things like that.

There are so many interesting things around. There is kinda like a dilemma. My friend and I were talking about it last night. College is like the last period of our life that we can have a "free" life. Should we spend more of our time building up an impressive resume so as to have a higher-start-up point upon graduation? or should we spend our time exploring our interests? It is really hard to choose. I mean, com'on, I always knew I will be doing computer science, and im really interested in it. However, I figured , I might be doing it for the rest of my life. But things like theater, drama ,philosophy, sociology, those are very hard to explore alone. My time in NUS is the best time for me to find some mentor in these areas. BTW I took a philosophy module in my first sem, it is really a lot of fun :D and pretty girls :D

Then I kinda thought of a song by Jessy , called price tag
seems everyone's got a price
i wonder how they sleep at night
When the sale comes first and the truth comes second
Just stop for a minute and smile

Are we focusing on too much about what we can get out of the things we do instead of the things we do themselves?

Things like CCA in Singapore.... really have to say SG is very fake in some ways (yea, generally its a cool place lah) . Why do students have to be really good in that thing already in order to join a CCA? Naturally people might not be good in things that they are interested in. Things like choir audition, guitar audition blah blah audition. Why cant a CCA have a lot of people who are actually passionate about what they are doing, instead of a bunch of people who just join in order to get enough CCA points for them to stay in campus accommodation? That is the reason I refuse to join CCA in NUS :D I kinda hate it when people do things like that.

I would fully attribute this kind of mentality of mine to the fact that... I have been living a life without having to worry about money :D lucky bitch I am .... scholarship a lot of money haha....

But anyway, after listening and reading stuff about how people make money, or build resume. I'm really fed up. This is not what I want :D I just want to work hard and make things that makes myself LOL. Filter keyword money / commercialize from now on :D

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  1. Should we spend more of our time building up an impressive resume so as to have a higher-start-up point upon graduation? or should we spend our time exploring our interests?

    I would suggest that you use the opportunity to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life. Ideally, you figure out what you want to do and you can spend the rest of your life investing in what you care about to become really really good in your choice of, for lack of a better word, career.

    Career is not really right, because I don't really think of life as a career. For no real good reason, teaching is my calling and so I spend my energies levelling up on skills and competencies to teach better. Each of you will have a different calling.

    Some of you might decide to become software engineers. If do, then work towards becoming the best damn software engineer that you can be. Never easy. Takes at least 10,000 hours of focussed work. :-P